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The roots of the psychotherapist's vocation lie in the interplay of innate qualities and personal experience. Each applicant is considered individually, and life and work experience are given greater weight than academic qualification. A successful applicant will normally have
  • Experience of personal therapy
  • Experience of working under supervision with people in distress in a paid or voluntary capacity
The minimum are for participation in the training is 25. We welcome applicants up to 60 years of age. Selection is based on written application and interviews.
Please contact info@aip.org.ukfor further information.
Personal psychotherapy
The heart of a psychotherapist's training is his or her personal therapy. A psychotherapist is in a privileged position and it is in the facing of one's own wounds that the integrity and sensitivity to care for others is born.
Trainees are therefore required to be in therapy with an experienced psychotherapist at least twice a week from the beginning of the course until qualification. During the course of the training they will have 3-times-a-week therapy for at least 3 years.
Trainees are encouraged to work with a variety of clients. The frequency and duration of the therapy is determined by the needs of the clients, but one client must be seen for at least 24 months and another for at least 18 months.
Trainees are required to be in individual weekly supervision and in a small supervision group for a minimum of two years.
The Association does not take responsibility for providing clients for trainees.
There is continuous monitoring of the trainee's progress by the Training Co-ordinators, and supervisors provide written reports. Several pieces of written work are required throughout the course, including a substantial paper which will demonstrate the student's ability to integrate clinical and theoretical material.
Each student is assigned a tutor with whom they can discuss their progress during the training. The emphasis throughout is on the development of a psychotherapeutic identity as demonstrated through clinical work.
Final Assessment of trainees is by the AIP Membership Group. Upon qualification, trainees become Members of the AIP.
Lecture and seminars
During the first four years of the training there are 30 evenings each year of lectures and seminars, starting in October. The lectures and seminars reflect on the stages of the journey from developmental and archetypal perspectives. There is an experiential group every evening.
Clinical case discussions are held throughout the course. From the fifth year students attend the monthly Pre-Qualification Seminars until they complete the training requirements.
First Year
The history and anthropology of psychotherapy
Life in the womb, birth
The mother/infant relationship
Second Year
Maturational processes of the infant
Childhood, siblings
Third Year
Adulthood, vocation
Fourth Year
Ageing, death
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