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The Association of Independent Psychotherapists' training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy is no longer accepting applications. The training was start in 1992 and will be wound up in 2018. The training was a bold and creative project and we are justifiably proud of the contribution it made to the culture of psychotherapy education in the UK.
Training information on this website remains only as a record.
The following people graduated from the AIP Training:

Mary Ashwin
Gay Crace
Malcolm Davy-Barnes
Jane Debenham
Brian Edwards
Pauline Everest
Judith Lakeman Fraser
Sue Gerhardt
Diana Goodman
Arthur Lockett
Nina Muller
Dania Myers
Alison Newbigin
Jo Outram
Jenny Pearson
Anne Perry
Caroline Ruijterman
Lesley Shooter
Nick Smith
David Spicer
Jason Wright
Chris Zach

The AIP training should be upheld as an excellent example of a thoughtful approach to the dilemmas of psychotherapy training.
UKCP Quinquennial Review 2008
The AIP training aims to maintain a creative tension between psychoanalysis and analytical psychology. It is pluralistic and emphasizes an historical perspective on analytical theory and practice. The practice of psychotherapy is felt to be a vocation. The course is designed to prepare psychotherapists for private practice.
The AIP training in individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy follows the unfolding life journey from our present understanding of life in the womb to old age and death. It explores the ways in which contemporary psychological perspectives (developmental, clinical and archetypal) can facilitate the special attentiveness that allows the personal and collective meanings of the journey to reveal themselves.
Throughout the training there are seminars covering a variety of clinical issues, including transference/countertransference, regression, narcissism, schizoid phenomena, psychosis, depression, suicide, somatisation, dreams and individuation. Attention is also given to clinical management and professional concerns. Reading includes papers from a broad range of writers, including Freud, Jung, Klein, Winnicott, Searles, Fordham and Hillman.
Qualification takes a minimum of four years. Fees are fixed for the first four years of the course. Fees for Pre-Qualification Seminars are reviewed each year. Fees for psychotherapy and supervision are by arrangement with the psychotherapist and supervisors.
The Training Co-ordinators are responsible for the management of the training. They reserve the right to terminate the training of any student if they feel it is in the best interests of the student or of the Association.
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